Blog 5.0

If you've been following me for a while (Hi Mom, I love you!) then you probably know that I have a really bad habit of falling out of maintaing my blog. I think the main reason is a lack of direction. I never really knew what I wanted out of having a blog. I just kinda had it because I felt like I was epxected to have one.

Today as I was catching up on the parts of the Oculus Connect steam that I missed, I decided to go look up Michael Abrash. I knew his name, that he was a pretty smart guy, and that he worked at Valve and was now at Oculus. Unfortunately, that was about it.

I quickly stumbled into his (now defunct?) blog Ramblings in Valve Time and started reading his article on judder in VR. However, I ended up getting more than just some new knowledge about VR. Michael started the series with a discussion/argument in favor of sharing information. His discussion made me realize why I always got bored of maintaining my blog.

All of my blog entries have been geared towards "normal people". They weren't technical, they were mostly about for games I was working on in my spare time. The primary issue with this is it makes my writings fairly useless. They don't benefit anyone other than me. If I am honest with myself, they aren't even very interesting unless I gained a following and had demos to play or something.

So what does this all mean for this blog?
From now on, this blog will be 99.9% technical. I may talk about something more personal from time-to-time, but for the most part the blog posts will be unrelated technical how-tos and discussions.

Hopefully I can keep myself interested this time around!